Buy & Hold vs Fix and Flips – UVREIA Evening Meeting

Mathew J. Atkinson, President of MJE Real Estate and partner with Flagship Financial Partners will be presenting about Buy & Hold vs Fix and Flips. 

Working in real property finance for over a decade, Matt has successfully navigated numerous economic cycles. He has seen first hand markets rise and fall and homeowners in every financial condition. He soon realized that strategies have to fluctuate just like the markets do. Matt then began to utilize this knowledge to invest in real estate himself.


Topics that will be discussed

  • Should I flip it or hold it for long term?
  • What are the risks and benefits of both?
  • What can I get properties for? What are they worth?
  • How do I increase value?RSVP NOW at

    The UVREIA now has over 850 members with each having their own expertise in real estate investing, sales, rehabbing and more. This will be a great time to meet new contacts and learn the ins and outs of investing

    Make sure to bring your friends, family and anyone else that is interested in Real Estate. The person that brings the most guests will win a prize. Everyone is welcome!

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