January Night Meeting – 01/21/2021: Featuring Jona Gamboa and Trevor Thompson

Jona Gamboa is a Team Lead and Founder of the Gamboa Real Estate Group. As a 14-year veteran of the housing industry, Jona is passionate about serving his clients’ real estate needs, as well as empowering them through educational mentorship investment programs, radio talk shows, and classroom instruction. As a real estate investor and developer, Jona brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients and colleagues that go far beyond the basic residential transaction.

5 Strategies For Realtors And Real Estate Investors To Succeed In 2021;
How You Can Do BOTH!

Trevor Thompson is an Acquisitions expert and a Licensed Real Estate Agent with Equity Real Estate. He is a full time marketer of Single Family Investment Properties. He has been a Rental Property Manager, Project Manager on rehabs, and currently buys investment properties for his firm to Flip, Hold as rentals, or Wholesale to qualified buyers. He is bilingual in Spanish and English.

5 Strategies For Negotiating With Sellers In Today’s Market

December Night Meeting – 12/17/2020: 2020 In Review: A Board Panel Discussion

2020 concludes with a discussion amongst UVREIA’s distinguished panel of board members. Please join us for 2020 In Review: A Board Panel Discussion.

November Night Meeting – 11/19/2020 UPDATED: Featuring Dominick Delgado and Matt Atkinson

11/17 UPDATE: November’s night meeting is being held exclusively over ZOOM. The Hyatt House has temporarily shut down in-person meetings.

Non-Member Door Fee: $15

Our featured speaker is UVREIA President, Matt Atkinson, who will be presenting:

“Investing After The Election: What To Do Next…”

Ahead of Matt will be Dominick Delgado*, speaking on:

5 Strategies For Negotiating Your Deal In Today’s Market

*11/17 Update: Due to a scheduling conflict, Dominick is filling in for Leslie Peterson on the 19th. We will reschedule Leslie at a later date.

October Night Meeting – 10/15/2020 Featuring Darryl Evanetich & Randall Wall

October’s night meeting is being held on Thursday, October 15th from 7:00PM – 9:00PM at: The Hyatt House Provo/Pleasant Grove 544 South Pleasant Grove Blvd. Pleasant Grove, UT 84062. View Map.

Non-Member Door Fee: $15

Our featured speaker is Randall Wall, who will be presenting:

Pivoting In Today’s Market

Ahead of Randall will be Darryl Evanetich, speaking on:

5 Strategies to Transition From a W2 to a Full-Time Real Estate Business Owner

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Darryl spent most of his life in the Buckeye State. Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Darryl began his professional career as a Safety Engineer with the United States Air Force in Dayton, OH. Furthering his education, he completed his Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering a few years later. In 2015, he transferred to Hill AFB where he got his first taste of the mountains and real estate. In 2016, Darryl bought his first rental property, 2017 obtained his real estate license, 2018 flipped his first property, and in 2019 quit his job and started his own Wholesaling business, called Family Home Solutions. As of today, Darryl is a full-time real estate investor with 40+ wholesale transactions, 5 flips and 3 rentals in his portfolio.

Randall Wall has been investing since 1988 after 5 years thinking about it in the military.
Over 6′ since the sixth grade he remembered working for investors in Portland Oregon as a boy. At a garage sale he bought the book “How I Turned $1,000 Into $10,000,000 In Real Estate” by Robert Allen and fired up he bought his first flip from a realtor relative who didn’t understand investing and promptly lost $50,000.
Randall says ” I credit that single loss for the millions of dollars I have made since that time as a contractor and investing in real estate. If you don’t get back on the horse right away it’s not a learning experience, it’s an evil anecdote..” Randall earned $130,000 on his next flip and has never looked back having completed more than 500 remodels profitably & flipping from $100,000 up to the 2-3M range in several states.
All around expert Randall & team have earned $500,000 a year in wholesaling, bought and sold notes, Had his name on 1,000 short sales, provided hard money, completed more than 100 seller finance properties and they hold rentals for long term profit. “If it’s real estate, can make a profit, and is ethical….we do it!”
Published in several languages Randall has spoken nationally and internationally on just about every topic possible in real estate and investing. He has served as the longest running president of the Salt Lake Real Estate Investor Association since 2006, and sat on the prestigious board of the Utah Association of Realtors for 3 years. From 2005 to 2017 Randall has helped build one of the largest brokerages in the country and the largest in Utah while investing full time. Supporting charities in the US and abroad his friend Bill Bronchick & Randall raised $10,300 for a charity in Nepal in just a few hours in Feb. In his spare time he reads (150 books a year) helps oversee a construction company that has been busy 6 days a week since 2005 (mostly on his projects), is Assistant Scout Master for a refugee troop, and hikes with dog Thor and his lovely wife Usha.

September Night Meeting – 9/17/2020 Featuring Matt Strong & Kathy Moore

September’s night meeting is being held on Thursday, September 17th from 7:00PM – 9:00PM at: The Hyatt House Provo/Pleasant Grove 544 South Pleasant Grove Blvd. Pleasant Grove, UT 84062. View Map.

Non-Member Door Fee: $15

Our featured speaker is Matt Strong, who will be presenting:

5 Fundamentals For Flipping Homes In Any Market

Ahead of Ben will be Kathy Moore, speaking on:

Utilize The DISC Profile As Real Estate Professionals

Matt Strong: 5 Fundamentals For Flipping Homes In Any Market

Matt is a principal in Sierra-West Funding, which provides funding for short term real estate projects. To date SWC has funded over 640 transactions and 140 million in volume. 

Matt got his start in real estate in 2004 by actively buying and selling his own properties and has purchased and re-sold over 400 single family homes since by utilizing value add strategies (typically known as “fix n’ flip”).

Matt received a Masters of Real Estate Development (MRED) from the University of Utah in 2015, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance (Real Estate emphasis) from the University of Utah in 2001.  Matt has been a member of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors since 2001 as a sales agent and since 2007 has held a Broker’s license.

Kathy Moore: Utilize The DISC Profile As Real Estate Professionals

Kathy Moore is the Development Coach for Novation Title Agency.

Kathy was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Kathy studied music at two universities – Vincennes University in Vincennes, Indiana and also The University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Kathy has been in real estate for 14 years.  She was a single agent for a number of years and also was Lead Buyer’s Specialist for the Bustos Team.  After 6 years as a Realtor – she was offered the opportunity to be the Team Leader/CEO of Keller Williams in her Market Center.  She held this position for a total of 8 years.

Nuria and Kathy have been friends for years and they share a love for NAHREP where Nuria is past president and Kathy currently serves on the Board of Directors.  Kathy also serves on the WCR Board of Directors for the Northern Utah Chapter.

In July of this year – Kathy and Nuria decided the time was right for them to go into business together.  Kathy loves teaching and coaching so this is a perfect fit for her! 

August Night Meeting – 8/20/2020 Featuring Ben Lakey & Nuria Rivera

August’s night meeting is being held on Thursday, August 20th from 7:00PM – 9:00PM at: The Hyatt House Provo/Pleasant Grove 544 South Pleasant Grove Blvd. Pleasant Grove, UT 84062. View Map.

Non-Member Door Fee: $15

Our featured speaker is Ben Lakey, who will be presenting:

5 Investing Strategies to Differentiate the Rookies from the Pros

Ahead of Ben will be Nuria Rivera, speaking on:

Leading a Team While Working in 2020

Ben Lakey: 5 Investing Strategies To Differentiate The Rookies From The Pros

Hi, my name is Ben Lakey. I am passionate about my wife, my three girls, and real estate, in that order.

I began my investing career flipping homes in 2002 when my brother called me at Ft. Gordon, Georgia, because he had just won a foreclosure auction and needed additional money to fund within 24 hours. After reading all of Utah’s foreclosure and title laws, I wired him the money. Once I got home, we remodeled the home ourselves and sold it. I made more money from that month of work than I would make in 6 months with the college degree I was pursuing.

I now have experience as a principal in over 300 transactions, including foreclosure auctions, REO, HUD homes, seller finance, lease options, MLS, FSBO, fix-and-flip, wholesale, hard money, notes, land entitlement and development, and new construction.

After dipping my foot in every pool, I now focus on land entitlement, primarily residential and self-storage. I also currently practice law, specializing in real estate development and construction matters.

I also served an LDS mission in Poland, and deployed to Afghanistan with the army.

I look forward to working with you on a transaction in the future in any capacity. Let’s do business!

Nuria Rivera: Leading A Team While Working In 2020

Nuria came to this country when she was 11 years old and learned a new language and culture. She is a millennial entrepreneur and launched a Title & Escrow company in 2015! Novation Title has received the “Best of State” award for 4 years and it has been a very humble experience for her and her employees. She feels passionate about the community and giving back, in fact she has a non-profit organization called “Dreamers’ Foundation” that holds one big annual fundraising event to give back to an already established charitable organization. Nuria sits on the national board or directors for NAHREP & loves to help with the very important goals of the organization.

Nuria loves art, running, yoga, family, her nonprofit and spending time developing people. She loves to read, evolve and learn! She feels passionate about developing people and helping them reach their dreams.

July Night Meeting – 7/16/2020 Featuring Clayton Wolf & Alan Walker

This month’s night meeting is being held on Thursday, July 16th from 7:00PM – 9:00PM at: The Hyatt House Provo/Pleasant Grove 544 South Pleasant Grove Blvd. Pleasant Grove, UT 84062. View Map.

Non-Member Door Fee: $15

Our featured speaker is Clayton Wolf, who will be presenting:

Lessons From Bankruptcy To 1,000 Flips

Ahead of Clayton, UVREIA Secretary, Alan Walker, will also be speaking to us about:

Real Estate Investing: Comparing Q2 of 2019 To Q2 2020

Clayton Wolf: Lessons From Bankruptcy To 1,000 Flips

P. Clayton Wolf II (Clayton) grew up in Oregon, from an early age spending time in his father’s bridge-building company. Shortly after arriving in Utah in 2004, he bought his first home and walked on to UVU’s (then UVSC’s) first year of having a wrestling team. Clayton continued investing in real estate through college, but had plenty of forays into the hustle of entrepreneurialism, investing in one time or another in: an oil well, a trucking company, a tile company, a nutritional supplement company, and many other startups.

After graduating, he focused on real estate, eventually getting blind-sided by the Great Recession. Losing everything, he and his business partner reviewed the how’s and the why’s of what had happened. They learned the lessons- and refocused again finding a unique opportunity in the Midwest. Clayton began buying foreclosed properties in the Midwest for pennies on the dollar- and has flipped over 1000 properties (and counting). He graduated from the University of Utah’s Master of Real Estate Development program in 2017, and is currently transitioning to his lifelong dream business: Wolf Capital- which will focus on remodeling undervalued apartment complexes.

Clayton is a single dad to an amazing 12 year old and two ex-step twin daughters. Clayton loves football, competed on the American Ninja Warrior, and landed a backflip behind his wakeboard boat on Utah Lake on January 25th, 2020. He prefers the summer, but is proud to be the first boat in the “Utah Lake Winter Wakeboard Club.

Alan Walker, UVREIA Secretary

Alan Walker started his real estate career as a buy & hold investor, purchasing a single family home and duplex within a month of each other. He quickly transitioned to a full-time realtor, picking up 4 rentals in a year. He works heavily with investors and also does flips throughout Utah.

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