January Night Meeting – 01/21/2021: Featuring Jona Gamboa and Trevor Thompson

Jona Gamboa is a Team Lead and Founder of the Gamboa Real Estate Group. As a 14-year veteran of the housing industry, Jona is passionate about serving his clients’ real estate needs, as well as empowering them through educational mentorship investment programs, radio talk shows, and classroom instruction. As a real estate investor and developer, Jona brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients and colleagues that go far beyond the basic residential transaction.

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Trevor Thompson is an Acquisitions expert and a Licensed Real Estate Agent with Equity Real Estate. He is a full time marketer of Single Family Investment Properties. He has been a Rental Property Manager, Project Manager on rehabs, and currently buys investment properties for his firm to Flip, Hold as rentals, or Wholesale to qualified buyers. He is bilingual in Spanish and English.

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January Luncheon – 1/14/2021 Featuring Justin Williams

TOPIC: Life After Actively Investing: What I learned In 2020


His entire life Justin has dreamed of a life of financial freedom.  Where he could do what he wanted when he wanted and not have to worry or stress about money.  After investing in real estate for 14 years / flipping several hundred houses, and then spending 7 years mentoring other real estate and business owners Justin had reached all of the financial goals he had set out on and decided it was time to “retire” from active real estate investing and coaching.  

For 9 months he spent his time serving in his church, helping at his kids schools, surfing, playing pickleball and “living the dream” but once Justin had “arrived” and achieved everything he ever thought he wanted he realized this was only the beginning of his journey.  

Justin realized he needed to get back in his genius zone of building businesses.  He is now working towards building a Billion Dollar Software business.  It’s been an interesting experience building a business when you no longer need the money but continue to work hard to challenge yourself, and find different reasons for “why” you are doing what you’re doing.  

Justin resides in San Clemente CA with his beautiful wife and 3 amazing kids. 

December Night Meeting – 12/17/2020: 2020 In Review: A Board Panel Discussion

2020 concludes with a discussion amongst UVREIA’s distinguished panel of board members. Please join us for 2020 In Review: A Board Panel Discussion.

December Luncheon – 12/10/2020 Featuring Navin Thukkaram

TOPIC: Raising Money in a Covid Environment

Navin Thukkaram

Navin Thukkaram is a technology investor and entrepreneur. Over his career, he has invested ~$600 million, raised $100 million+ for his current startups and generated over $3 billion in exits. Navin has served on 9 boards of directors, with company values ranging from $50 million to $2 billion+.

Currently, Navin is lead investor / board member of SkyKick, a global cloud software company. Previously he was COO / board member of Qwiki, a mobile startup acquired by Yahoo!. Prior, Navin was a partner of Vulcan Capital Private Equity, the investment firm of Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen.

Navin has trained and keynoted events at Google, Microsoft, Citibank, Facebook, and Deutsche Bank, among others. He is the benefactor of the Thukkaram Fellowship at Harvard Business School and serves on the advisory board of CSIS, the #1 U.S. defense think tank. Formerly, he served on the Executive Panel of the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations, and as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

A graduate of both Harvard Business School and Princeton, Navin has been featured extensively in the global media, including CNBC, Fox News, and Fortune. He resides in Park City, Utah and Stockholm, Sweden.

Buy & Hold vs Fix and Flips – UVREIA Evening Meeting

Mathew J. Atkinson, President of MJE Real Estate and partner with Flagship Financial Partners will be presenting about Buy & Hold vs Fix and Flips. 

Working in real property finance for over a decade, Matt has successfully navigated numerous economic cycles. He has seen first hand markets rise and fall and homeowners in every financial condition. He soon realized that strategies have to fluctuate just like the markets do. Matt then began to utilize this knowledge to invest in real estate himself.

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Topics that will be discussed

  • Should I flip it or hold it for long term?
  • What are the risks and benefits of both?
  • What can I get properties for? What are they worth?
  • How do I increase value?RSVP NOW at http://www.facebook.com/events/148199571958905/

    The UVREIA now has over 850 members with each having their own expertise in real estate investing, sales, rehabbing and more. This will be a great time to meet new contacts and learn the ins and outs of investing

    Make sure to bring your friends, family and anyone else that is interested in Real Estate. The person that brings the most guests will win a prize. Everyone is welcome!

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December 2011 Lunch Meeting


December 2011 FREE Networking Meeting in Orem

FREE EVENT. Friday, December 9th, 2011, 12:30 PM at Golden Corral in Orem – 225 West University Parkway, Orem, UT – RSVP NOW

What is the most important thing that INVESTORS NEED in order to make as much money as they want?

If you said the ability to consistently FIND find motivated sellers, you are absolutely right. Nothing in real estate could be more important than being able to find deals over and over again.

Alan Brymer, full-time real estate investor and content expert, invested in his first property at the age of 22 and has done millions of dollars in real estate transactions since. He is a frequent guest expert for the news media and has been a guest speaker at seminars and associations around the country.

You do not want to miss this meeting! Come network and discuss current topics related to Real Estate Investing. Find deals, partners, contractors or just sit back, meet like minded individuals and eat some good food!

Make sure to bring your friends, family and anyone else that is interested in Real Estate. The person that brings the most guests will win a free lunch (minimum 2 guests to . Everyone is welcome and it is completely free to attend.

When: December 9th, 2011 from 12:30pm to 2:00 pm.
Where: Golden Corral in Orem, Utah.
225 West University Parkway, Orem, UT

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November 2011 FREE Networking Meeting

November 2011 FREE Networking Meeting
Wholesaling and How to Make Money Investing in Real Estate with Little to No Cash

FREE EVENT. Come network and discuss current topics related to Real Estate Investing. Find deals, partners, contractors or just sit back and meet new people and eat some good food! RSVP NOW

We will be discussing Wholesaling and how to make money with little to no cash. We will also be discussing our 2012 schedule. RSVP NOW

The UVREIA now has over 650 members with each having their own expertise in real estate investing, sales, rehabbing and more. This will be a great time to meet new contacts. RSVP NOW

Make sure to bring your friends, family and anyone else that is interested in Real Estate. The person that brings the most guests will win a free lunch. Everyone is welcome and it is completely free to attend.

Food can be purchased from Sizzler but is not necessary to attend. RSVP NOW

When: November 11, 2011 from 12:30pm to 2:00 pm.
Where: Sizzler in Orem, Utah.
1240 South State Street Orem, UT 84097-8231

RSVP NOW at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=257752384270371

October’s Virtual Meeting

The October meeting went well:

    We had LIVE Q & A -Ask your Burning Questions about Real Estate Investing on this Call

    Everyone that attended this Virtual Meeting got to ask their real estate investing questions.

    Jolene covered important information about the National Foreclosure hold and how the new Bank of American

    system works.

    Rehabs and Habitat for Humanity

    Rehab Introduction at the Habitat for Humanity Building in Orem

    We had a great meeting at Habitat for Humanity.   Our incredible discussion on How to Save Money Doing Rehabs was a great topic. Our speakers and sponsors really shed some light on what to watch for when doing your rehabs.   A licensed contractor shared some important updates to that industry as it applies
    to rehabs and how to avoid costs when it comes to new requirements.  We also had a professional painting company and a HVAC
    company sharing some incredible information and a wonderful coupon on how to save money when doing your rehabs or updates.

    Make sure to attend upcoming meetings so you stay on top of what is current in real estate investing.

           Habitat for Humanity and the Re-Store
                Their location is: 340 So. Orem Blvd.
                They were our wonderful hosts of this month’s meeting!
                Did you know if you are pulling out cabinets or other items from a property you may be able to donated them to Habitat for Humanity?

                You can write off these donations to their Re-store and stop filling up the land fill full of items we can still use.

    These are a list of our speakers and sponsors, make sure to always use experienced individuals on your team.  In today’s economy we recommend always utilizing vendors who are certified and licensed.   Best of luck to you in all your rehab experiences. 

           Brad Hansen of H&S Construction

           Emily Job of College Works Painting 
               Office (888) 450-9675
               Cell (435) 757-3516

          Richard King of Kings Products HVAC

    Wealth Building Tax FREE with IRA’s

    We had a great class on Wealth Building Tax Free with IRA’s

    We had a real treat for attendees, we had an excellent discussion on Wealth Building Tax Free with IRA’S.  Our incredible speaker & sponsor is with Northwestern Mutual and she understands the advantages of knowing how to increase your wealth through better investing practices.  We recommend you connect with her in the future to get your financial affairs in order.

    Jodi Vawdrey
    Northwestern Mutual
    cell (801) 205-8857

    Here are some of the amazing handout she had during the meeting. 

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