April Night Meeting – 4/15/2021 Featuring Clay Rockwood & Michelle Macievic


KEYNOTE: “Wholesaling, Buying Rentals and Scaling a Business & A Team

“Skills Create Deals”

THURS. 4/15/2021 – 7:00PM MST – LIVE & VIRTUAL




Clay Rockwood: Wholesaling, Buying Rentals and Scaling a Business & A Team

Clay Rockwood is a Co-Founder and Partner of Utah House Buyers LLC and oversees commercial acquisitions and financing. He has been acquiring and managing multifamily properties full time since 2009. Clay began his career as a real estate agent and broker more than a decade ago and shortly thereafter moved into the acquisition, renovation, and disposition of both residential and commercial projects. He has been involved personally in over 500+ transactions. Utah House Buyers LLC is a residential and commercial property acquisition company specializing in assisting owners liquidate troubled/distressed properties. The company grew by more than 80% in its second full year with over 45 deals closed in 2018 and over 60 deals closed in 2019. In 2020 the company closed over 100 deals with gross revenues over $2.3M. 

Multifamily Experience:
Currently has ownership and management control for 119 multifamily doors with a combined market value of $17M+ spread across 23 different properties. Our team focuses on finding deeply discounted properties by marketing direct to sellers and through our vast network.  By using these methods we typically buy properties that are deeply discounted and are in need of significant repairs/remodel.  We are then able to reposition each asset to maximize the return and force the appreciation to secure a heavy equity position in relation to our investment. 

Michelle Macievic: Skills Create Deals

Michelle Macievic is an Relationship, Sales & Business consultant with Out of the Box Consulting LLC

She is an expert at communication & relationships while focusing on bringing in more revenue with higher closing ratios for her client partners naturally, efficiently & quickly using personality science.

She personally has closed over 413+ Cash home investing deals for her clients who are top wholesalers in Salt Lake City Utah & other markets! She has been consulting for her own Firm and helping clients scale in multiple industries including Wholesaling & many other Brick & Mortar businesses.

Her background is in psychology & social behavior & Has her MFT license & an MBA in business, which she says doesn’t really matter.. as you can’t beat hands ON experience.. She’s got that.

“My heart is as big as my Smile & I’m just a girl living my Dream life!”

April Luncheon – 4/8/2021 Featuring Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider

TOPIC: 3 Under-utilized Marketing Strategies to Succeed in 2021

THURS. 4/8/2021 NOON – 1:00PM MST – Virtual Over Zoom

JASON ROBERTS & RACHEL SCHNEIDER: 3 Under-utilized Marketing Strategies To Succeed In 2021

In 2001, while still in their early 20’s, Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider decided that working for someone else at a “regular job” was not a good long-term plan.

They decided to make a big change…and take charge of their own destiny by opening a mortgage company. They eventually built that business into a multimillion-dollar company, where they closed over 3,000 real estate transactions.

Then the market crashed and they had to find a new way to use their real estate talents. That’s when they went into real estate investing and started down a new path. Implementing the real estate strategies, they honed over time, they have since closed well over 400 real estate transactions, including pre-foreclosures, short sales, wholesales, probates, and all other types of deals.

They then decided to make another big change and start sharing their knowledge with other investors. They now run a top coaching program with the nation’s leading investors, own a profitable hard money lending company with over 2 million dollars in loans out to their coaching students at any given time, and continue to be co-owners of their local REIA…all while continuing to flip houses using the exact systems they teach!

March Night Meeting – 03/18/2021: Featuring Aaron Marshall & John Maxim

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: AARON MARSHALL “Cancer Surviving Cash-Flow King!”

With 18+ years of experience successfully selling and managing real estate properties, my approach is simple: building great relationships is primary and the foundation to success. As a hands-on CEO and committed franchise leader, I love that I get to help others succeed in the real estate market and build their own business.

I know real estate and property management inside and out. In just over a 10-year period, I sold more than 1500 homes, and throughout my career I’ve been blessed to receive recognition and awards for my real estate expertise, including being ranked #98 in the Wall Street Journal’s Top 400 Sales Professionals Nationwide and Realtor of the Year (2008), plus consistently being part of the top 50 of Keller Williams’s teams (2008-2010). I can attest that real estate is truly the best investment – people will always need a place to live, no matter what the economy.

As CEO, co-owner, and co-founder of Keyrenter, every day I get to work with passionate franchisees and help them achieve their dream of owning a successful property management business. A steadfast believer in the golden rule, I strive to lead by example and manage every property as if it were my own. And I also enjoy talking with folks who are thinking about becoming a franchisee – it’s always a joy to be able to answer burning questions and provide real, in the trenches examples from my own experience.

Whether for business or pleasure, I love to travel and, since business is what drives me, I’ve always got a great business book I’m reading. I also love the sand dunes, riding my motorcycle, and spending time with my wonderful family.

AARON MARSHALL: Cancer Surviving Cash-Flow King!


SPEAKER: JOHN MAXIM “High Volume vs Profitable Flipping in 2021”

At an early age in Portland Oregon John learned how easy it was to win at Monopoly if you could play as the banker and cheat. This might have had something to do with how John ended up being a Real Estate Investor, but probably not since even after he bought his first house and rented it to all his friends he still thought he wanted to be an entomologist when he grew up.

Now a days, when you spend time with John you will mostly get to hear him complain about what monsters his 4 kids are… why his wife made him sleep on the couch the night before… and how he can’t find his keys. Be careful, he still cheats at Monopoly.

John has had and continues to have many great adventures in real estate. It started buying his first house when he was 21 and renting it to 9 other bachelors so he could live off the rent and not have a job (unless you consider donating plasma a job). Since, John has fumbled through a lot of investor type stuff, his resume reads something like this— closed hundreds of retail real estate transactions as agent, originated 50ish loans as a loan officer, built a few dozen spec homes, flipped a few houses, shook in the fetal position during the “great recession”, got something like 19 foreclosures on his credit, lit a car on fire, negotiated hundreds of loan modifications post crash, picked up some rental property along the way, obtained a broker’s license and started his own brokerage, Tree Fort Realty, flipped and wholesaled hundreds of houses, started a property management company, Rhino Property Management that manages nearly 400 doors, and in 2021 currently maintains a flip inventory of between 30 and 50 homes at once.

JOHN MAXIM: High Volume vs Profitable Flipping in 2021

February Night Meeting – 02/18/2021: Featuring Clyde Jones and Paul Baird

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: CLYDE JONES “5 Changes In 2021 Tax Laws”

As the founder and owner of The Jones CPA Group, Clyde is a Certified Public Accountant with over 20 years of experience in public accounting. Clyde specializes in Income Tax Preparation for business and individuals. He also helps his clients with tax strategies, business structuring as well as accounting services.

Prior to founding The Jones CPA Group, Clyde was a partner at Larson & Company, CPAs, Spanish Fork, Utah branch, for 10 years. Clyde started his public accounting career with Peterson & Associates, CPAs.

Clyde has a Bachelor of Accounting and Masters of Accounting from Utah State University. Along with that he has also received extensive training from the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts to prepare business valuations.

Clyde is married to Jennifer, and they have five children Cy, Jacie, Mason, Rylie, and Sydney who they raised in Mapleton. Clyde is a lover of sports including Football, Baseball, Softball and Golf. In the early 1990s, he played fast-pitch softball for Larry H. Miller and played with some of the best players in the world. He is also an avid rider and lover of Motorcycles.

CLYDE JONES: 5 Changes In 2021 Tax Laws

SPEAKER: PAUL BAIRD “5 Strategies For Managing Flips In Multiple Markets”

Paul grew up in San Diego, moving to Utah 14 years ago to attend Brigham Young University. During his college years, he grew to love Real Estate. He spent his summers working with his brothers, buying, remodeling, and selling Real Estate. After graduating from BYU with a history degree and minor in Business, he pursued his dream of becoming a Real Estate Investor. Over the last 10 years, Paul has developed a passion for helping people sell their homes. He understands that selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions someone will ever make, and he strives to make every deal a positive experience for everyone. He lives in Salt Lake City with his wife Kristen and loves having the opportunity to work with his brother on a daily basis.

PAUL BAIRD: 5 Strategies For Managing Flips In Multiple Markets

March Luncheon – 3/11/2021 Featuring Aaron Norris

TOPIC: Data-Driven Real Estate In 2021

THURS. 3/11/2021 NOON – 1:00PM MST

AARON NORRIS: Data-Driven Real Estate In 2021

Aaron’s real estate career started at five years old fixing houses in his father’s flip business. After living in NYC for almost a decade, he joined the family hard money business as a mortgage officer and researcher, producing numerous market timing reports and award-winning resources for the real estate community. As VP of Market Insights for PropertyRadar, he speaks and writes nationally on trends & the power of public records that help Main Street compete with Wall Street.

You’ll find his works on Forbes.com, Think Realty Magazine, and BiggerPockets.com. He’s also been directly involved in raising over $2 million dollars for charities since 2008. 

February Luncheon – 2/11/2021 Featuring Steve Trang

TOPIC: Work/Life/Balance As A Real Estate Investor

TOPIC: 5 Strategies For Managing Flips In Multiple Markets

THURS. 2/11/2021 NOON – 1:00PM MST

STEVE TRANG: Work/Life/Balance As A Real Estate Investor

Steve Trang is the founder of the Real Estate Disruptors movement. He started his podcast in the middle of 2018 to inspire wholesalers and real estate agents to double their incomes by adding a 2nd leg to their business. The podcast has now grown to tens of thousands followers with new members of the community sharing their success story every week.

Steve also created the OfferFast Homes app. The purpose of the app is to help wholesalers jump start their career faster by putting all of the buyers in one place. The hope is to minimize the challenge of building a buyer list when getting started in wholesaling.

Steve’s legacy will be to create 100 Millionaires. One of his favorite quotes is from the great Zig Ziglar: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

He heard this quote when he first got into real estate, and it has stuck with him throughout his entire career. In fact, it’s essentially one of the core values Steve lives by.

Since starting the Brokerage in 2013, Stunning Homes Realty has over 130 agents. In the greater Phoenix area, his company has almost 1% market share. One out of every 137 homes in Phoenix metro is sold by Stunning Homes Realty. 

January Night Meeting – 01/21/2021: Featuring Jona Gamboa and Trevor Thompson

Jona Gamboa is a Team Lead and Founder of the Gamboa Real Estate Group. As a 14-year veteran of the housing industry, Jona is passionate about serving his clients’ real estate needs, as well as empowering them through educational mentorship investment programs, radio talk shows, and classroom instruction. As a real estate investor and developer, Jona brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients and colleagues that go far beyond the basic residential transaction.

5 Strategies For Realtors And Real Estate Investors To Succeed In 2021;
How You Can Do BOTH!

Trevor Thompson is an Acquisitions expert and a Licensed Real Estate Agent with Equity Real Estate. He is a full time marketer of Single Family Investment Properties. He has been a Rental Property Manager, Project Manager on rehabs, and currently buys investment properties for his firm to Flip, Hold as rentals, or Wholesale to qualified buyers. He is bilingual in Spanish and English.

5 Strategies For Negotiating With Sellers In Today’s Market

January Luncheon – 1/14/2021 Featuring Justin Williams

TOPIC: Life After Actively Investing: What I learned In 2020


His entire life Justin has dreamed of a life of financial freedom.  Where he could do what he wanted when he wanted and not have to worry or stress about money.  After investing in real estate for 14 years / flipping several hundred houses, and then spending 7 years mentoring other real estate and business owners Justin had reached all of the financial goals he had set out on and decided it was time to “retire” from active real estate investing and coaching.  

For 9 months he spent his time serving in his church, helping at his kids schools, surfing, playing pickleball and “living the dream” but once Justin had “arrived” and achieved everything he ever thought he wanted he realized this was only the beginning of his journey.  

Justin realized he needed to get back in his genius zone of building businesses.  He is now working towards building a Billion Dollar Software business.  It’s been an interesting experience building a business when you no longer need the money but continue to work hard to challenge yourself, and find different reasons for “why” you are doing what you’re doing.  

Justin resides in San Clemente CA with his beautiful wife and 3 amazing kids. 

December Night Meeting – 12/17/2020: 2020 In Review: A Board Panel Discussion

2020 concludes with a discussion amongst UVREIA’s distinguished panel of board members. Please join us for 2020 In Review: A Board Panel Discussion.

December Luncheon – 12/10/2020 Featuring Navin Thukkaram

TOPIC: Raising Money in a Covid Environment

Navin Thukkaram

Navin Thukkaram is a technology investor and entrepreneur. Over his career, he has invested ~$600 million, raised $100 million+ for his current startups and generated over $3 billion in exits. Navin has served on 9 boards of directors, with company values ranging from $50 million to $2 billion+.

Currently, Navin is lead investor / board member of SkyKick, a global cloud software company. Previously he was COO / board member of Qwiki, a mobile startup acquired by Yahoo!. Prior, Navin was a partner of Vulcan Capital Private Equity, the investment firm of Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen.

Navin has trained and keynoted events at Google, Microsoft, Citibank, Facebook, and Deutsche Bank, among others. He is the benefactor of the Thukkaram Fellowship at Harvard Business School and serves on the advisory board of CSIS, the #1 U.S. defense think tank. Formerly, he served on the Executive Panel of the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations, and as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

A graduate of both Harvard Business School and Princeton, Navin has been featured extensively in the global media, including CNBC, Fox News, and Fortune. He resides in Park City, Utah and Stockholm, Sweden.

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