April Night Meeting – 4/15/2021 Featuring Clay Rockwood & Michelle Macievic


KEYNOTE: “Wholesaling, Buying Rentals and Scaling a Business & A Team

“Skills Create Deals”

THURS. 4/15/2021 – 7:00PM MST – LIVE & VIRTUAL




Clay Rockwood: Wholesaling, Buying Rentals and Scaling a Business & A Team

Clay Rockwood is a Co-Founder and Partner of Utah House Buyers LLC and oversees commercial acquisitions and financing. He has been acquiring and managing multifamily properties full time since 2009. Clay began his career as a real estate agent and broker more than a decade ago and shortly thereafter moved into the acquisition, renovation, and disposition of both residential and commercial projects. He has been involved personally in over 500+ transactions. Utah House Buyers LLC is a residential and commercial property acquisition company specializing in assisting owners liquidate troubled/distressed properties. The company grew by more than 80% in its second full year with over 45 deals closed in 2018 and over 60 deals closed in 2019. In 2020 the company closed over 100 deals with gross revenues over $2.3M. 

Multifamily Experience:
Currently has ownership and management control for 119 multifamily doors with a combined market value of $17M+ spread across 23 different properties. Our team focuses on finding deeply discounted properties by marketing direct to sellers and through our vast network.  By using these methods we typically buy properties that are deeply discounted and are in need of significant repairs/remodel.  We are then able to reposition each asset to maximize the return and force the appreciation to secure a heavy equity position in relation to our investment. 

Michelle Macievic: Skills Create Deals

Michelle Macievic is an Relationship, Sales & Business consultant with Out of the Box Consulting LLC

She is an expert at communication & relationships while focusing on bringing in more revenue with higher closing ratios for her client partners naturally, efficiently & quickly using personality science.

She personally has closed over 413+ Cash home investing deals for her clients who are top wholesalers in Salt Lake City Utah & other markets! She has been consulting for her own Firm and helping clients scale in multiple industries including Wholesaling & many other Brick & Mortar businesses.

Her background is in psychology & social behavior & Has her MFT license & an MBA in business, which she says doesn’t really matter.. as you can’t beat hands ON experience.. She’s got that.

“My heart is as big as my Smile & I’m just a girl living my Dream life!”

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