Vision & Values

The Utah Valley Real Estate Investors Association is a professional networking association for new and experienced real estate investors in and around Utah County.

Our primary purpose is to help investors find the resources they need—whether finding deals under market value, obtaining financing, getting referrals of good local contractors and vendors to use, or learning more about the many aspects of real estate investing. We provide the resources you need to succeed.

Why have a Real Estate Investors Association (REIA)?  The same reasons that almost all industries have trade associations—because we are stronger together than we would be trying to do it all alone.  Real estate investing is a professional business and ought to be treated as such.  REIAs offer investors the chance to improve their businesses through networking, education, sharing of best practices, partnerships and more.

Professional associations also help us show our legitimacy as an industry.  Investors tend to get a bad name because of the actions of an unscrupulous few.  As a group, it is easier to learn the right and wrong ways to invest in order to stay complaint in all transactions and act in harmony with our Code of Ethics.

Our organization is built around 10 values of what is important to us as members and as a group.

Honesty and Integrity—We adhere to a shared code of ethics and revoke the membership of those who do not abide by it. We pledge to be honest and open about our intentions and all material facts when doing deals.

Networking – We facilitate introductions and strong relationships, teach the principles of true networking in word and example.

Education—We help members become more successful by teaching real estate investing methods, as well as the details that save members money and time.

Value — All meetings, events, communications, etc should be filled with as much value and have as little waste as possible, so that members get as much benefit as possible for what they are paying with their money and time.

Improving Community – We belive in giving back to the community, and using our knowledge, resources, and abilities to make the county better.

Prosperity – We work with the purpose of helping our members make more money and have a better quality of life.

Teamwork – We work together to accomplish more through government relations, service projects, newsletter, deals, and more.

Information – We seek to provide timely and relevant news, market information, and items of interest to Utah County investors

Convenience – All monthly meetings, committee correspondence, activities, etc, are succinct and to the point.  We are considerate of families and have few meetings at night or on weekends, except when family is invited.

Recognition — We believe that investors need to be respected and rewarded for their outstanding efforts and accomplishments.  This will also help our industry to be better-respected and known.

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